Suitable plants for the terrace

The terrace, a wonderful place to barbecue on a beautiful summer day or to relax with a beer in hand. Often a table and some chairs are placed on a terrace and that was it. This is a shame because you can really turn your terrace into something nice. For example, place some nice plants in beautiful pots on the terrace. This immediately gives a different atmosphere and also looks very cheerful.

Sitting behind the geraniums
This summer we are going to sit behind the geraniums. Not for the elderly or the elderly, geraniums are very hip. They come in many different colors, so there is always a color for you. There is also a suitable variety for every location. Most geraniums grow best in full sun. Do you not have a lot of sun in the garden? No problem, because the dark Cranesbill Geranium likes to grow in the shade. Also, these garden plants do not require much care. A little water now and then is enough. If you want the geraniums to bloom for another season, you can cut them back after flowering. Cut off all the long stems that have flowered completely and you can sit behind the geraniums again next year.

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