What are beautiful summer bloomers and how do you care for them?

People like to sit in their garden to enjoy the good weather. A good looking garden
is therefore very important, bedding plants cannot be missed here. Bedding plants are
annuals with seductive colors that, due to their long flowering and cheap price
are very popular. Kwekerij de Groot gave us some more information about these summer bloomers.

bedding plants
Bedding plants are the richest flowering plant group in the world, this is because they do not spend much time
to have. They only have one season from cutting/seed to finished plant. Most
keep going until the frosts put an end to it. They often give new seed that you
sow again in the spring.

There are many types of summer bloomers that can thrive in the Netherlands, the most popular are
among other things:

Begonia: A begonia is a plant that consists of many different varieties
species, there are more than 1000. Begonias come in both annual and
permanent variants. Begonias often bloom all summer long, moreover they are
They are also very varied in color and are not labour-intensive.
Busy Liesje (Impatiens): A Busy Lisje is an annual shade plant that is also full
tolerates light. Busy Liesjes can be combined very well with other varieties
flowers and are widely used in hanging pots on balconies or on walls.

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