Fruit from your own garden

You no longer have to go to the supermarket to buy fruit, you just get it from your own garden. Not only is this very convenient and saves money, but fruit from your own garden is often tastier. Many people think that growing your own fruit is difficult, but this is absolutely not the case. Some fruits are demanding in terms of location or require a lot of maintenance, but in principle most fruits are very easy to grow in your own garden. There is always a variety that will do well in your garden. Don’t have a lot of sun in your garden? There are also fruits that grow well in the shade. We discuss the most popular fruits to grow yourself with you.

Growing blackberries
Blackberries are good and easy to grow in your own garden. For starters, you need a healthy plant. The best time to plant the blackberry is in the autumn, but frost-sensitive blackberries are better planted in the spring. The blackberry is not demanding in terms of soil type, but make sure it is in a sunny and sheltered spot. For example, place the blackberry against a fence or a wall, so that the plant can continue to grow. In August and September you can pick the blackberries. You should also not forget to prune the blackberry, otherwise too many branches will grow and the blackberries get too little sun. This ensures that the blackberries do not ripen and of course you want to enjoy the delicious fruits every year.

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